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Feb 9, 2010 Unchosen bonus part - plus ebook of DBC!
Now with Geocities down, I was forced to move my site. I finally caved and got my own domain with every intention of adding more fic to it (eventually even some dr who fic possibly).

While I was at it, I posted ebook copies of DBC for anyone who wants it for their Kindle or whatever (guess what my mom got for xmas). Plus, I added a bonus smut scene to the last chapter of Unchosen (previously posted as a surprise Easter Egg for those who sent feedback).

A little late to the party, but I joined livejournal too. I finally have free time again, and I miss the fanfic and discussions from the email lists which have pretty much been abandoned.
May 21, 2008 - Unchosen Chapter 7
Chapter 7 of Unchosen posted. Normal length this time. Also, if anyone out there is really good at doing graphics, I have a request for a cover for Unchosen. I tried contacting Dusty, who did the beautiful cover for Death Brings Clarity, and had started on one for Unchosen (before I lost it in my computer theft), but I don't know if my contact info for her is still valid and I haven't heard back. So I'm looking for anyone else who would be willing to give it a try? Let me know, and I would be so appreciative. Thanks!
May 4, 2008 - Unchosen Chapter 6
Chapter 6 of Unchosen posted. I probably shouldn't apologize for this (except that it delayed posting), but... the chapter is really long. Longer than I expected it to be. Like over 50 pages. I should have maybe split the chapter, except I wanted the whole flashback together as one chapter, for narrative reasons. Anyway, it's equivalent to like 3 of any of the previous chapters. So enjoy!
April 11, 2008 - Questing Part 6
Added another chapter to Questing. Next chapter of Unchosen will hopefully come next week after the taxes are done. Thanks to everyone who sent feedback. I'm beginning to think I might still have an audience. Here's Questing Part 6: www.jkphilips.com/buffy/quest/quest6.html
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While I’m loathe to say it, the fact is -
the Slayer rarely lives into her mid-twenties.
It follows that she’d exhibit signs of maturity early on.
Her whole life-cycle is accelerated.

Still, you should be careful about treating her like a grown-up.

I’m not her father, Jenny.
-- shooting script --
“Surprise” by Marti Noxon


Believe Awards 2002

Believe Awards Round 3

2001 Halo Awards

2001 Summer Halo Awards
“Best Unconventional Romance” and
“Best Series” for The Death Brings Clarity series.

Author of the Month
August 2001 Author of the Month for Destiny Awaits. Judge's REVIEW.


The Death Brings Clarity Trilogy:

  Post-“Gift” epic with my own version of Buffy’s resurrection.
Death Brings Clarity Book 1: Death Brings Clarity - completed June 24, 2001
Book 2: The Ticking Clock - completed July 30, 2001
Book 3: The Family Business - completed March 16, 2002
Epilogue: The Fine Art of Blackmail - completed June 26, 2002

Download full ebook for Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony, or MS Reader!


 - unfinished - Sequel to the Death Brings Clarity Trilogy
Now nearly ten years after The Fine Art of Blackmail, Giles wanted to prevent his daughter from inheriting her mother’s destiny. He wanted to give his son the choice he never had. He wanted Buffy to live a lifetime beside him. Fate had other plans...
Part 1: We Don’t Always Get What We Want
Part 2: One Birth, One Death, and Two Twists of Fate
Part 3: The Search for the Slayer
Part 4: When Dead Vampires are Not a Good Thing
Part 5: Slayer Dreams
Part 6: Sometimes Even Those Who Ace History Are Doomed to Repeat It
Part 7: Walking Paradox New! 5/21/08
            Part 7b: Bonus *NC17* Scene New! 2/7/2010
Part 8: Into the Lion’s Den Coming Very Soon!
Part 9: All That Is, All That Was, All That Never Should Be Coming Soon!

A Questing We Will Go

 - unfinished
Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     New! 4/11/08
A birthday present for Gileswench: Post-“Grave”, What’s up with mini-slayer Dawn?

Grim Reality

 warning: very, very dark
An alternate ending to “Normal Again”. Buffy decides to follow through with the psychiatrist’s advice for reclaiming her sanity.

You Can’t Go Home Again

 warning: dark
Set after “Wrecked”: Was Giles right to leave? What will he find when he comes home?

More Than A Kiss

 *NC17* Giles/Anya PWP
What was edited out of “Tabla Rasa”. ;)


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