DBC cover art by Dusty

The Slayer is dead.

She leaves behind her friends, her sister, and her Watcher.

He should not be so surprised. He has read the Watchers’ Diaries, whose pages all end so abruptly. He has been raised and guided towards this destiny since the age of ten. And so he should have known that this moment was inevitable.

But she was not like the others. And in the end, she did not die like the others. Not cut down by her foe in battle, his Slayer sacrificed herself to save her sister and the world. And he is left alone, empty, a lifetime’s purpose lying dead atop the rubble before him.

But there is another who can understand his pain, a dark power who will not let this Slayer rest in her grave. And though he believes he has already lost everything with her death, he will learn that he still has more to lose…

The Death Brings Clarity Trilogy

DBC cover art by Dusty
Cover artwork by Dusty
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Book 1: Death Brings Clarity

- completed June 24, 2001 (105 pages):
Post-“Gift” epic. Giles has a moment of clarity, but it’s too late.
How he deals with Buffy’s death and how she comes back to him.

Part 1: He knows his heart too late
Part 2: The Funeral
Part 3: The Daughter Test
Part 4: Another Slayer, Another Watcher
Part 5: The Spell
Part 6: Bittersweet Homecomings

Book 2: The Ticking Clock

- completed July 30, 2001 (177 pages):
Slayers have a different timetable, and Giles’ sins come back to haunt him.
Part 1: A Touch of Nymphomania and a Taste for the Hunt *NC17*
            (Part 1: the R rated version)
Part 2: Last Call
Part 3: 9 1/2 weeks
Part 4: The Ghost of Christmas Past
Part 5: Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride
Part 6: And the Cradle Will Fall
Part 7: Half-hearted

Book 3: The Family Business

- completed March 16, 2002 (376 pages):
The legacy of slayers, watchers, and the Council is forever changed.
Buffy and Giles reclaim what they have lost, but at what price?

Part 1: Momma’s Boy
Part 2: Little Girl Lost, Little Girl Found
Part 3: Another Man’s Child
Part 4: Truth and Consequences
Part 5: Daddy’s Little Girl
Part 6: The Last Slayer
Part 7: The Council’s Last Stand
Part 8: The Long Sleep
Part 9: Waking the Dead
Part 10: The Last Watcher
Part 11: New Beginnings

Epilogue: The Fine Art of Blackmail

- completed June 26, 2002 (116 pages):
Wolfram and Hart force Giles and Buffy to face a past they thought behind them.
Part 1: The Deal He Can't Refuse
Part 2: Hard Time
Part 3: Coming Clean
Part 4: Deal with the Devil
Part 5: Reprise
Part 6: Bloodlust
Part 7: Mending
All 3 Books & Epilogue

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Buffy Backstory: Most people who have read my fiction are Buffy fans who know canon better than I do, usually. But some of my friends haven’t seen Buffy before (those heathens!) or are less familiar with the history. So I wrote this little background for them to brief them on what they should know to follow my story. If you fall into this category then by all means click here and educate yourself on all things Buffy.


2002 Believe Awards

Destiny Awaits Author of the Month
August 2001 Author of the Month for Destiny Awaits.

Judge's REVIEW of Death Brings Clarity by Fiction Queen.


First, thanks to everyone who has been reading and giving feedback. I'm very pleased with how the whole thing turned out, and were it not for everyone's kind encouragement, I would have stopped at the first book. So you can all take credit for the rest.

Also, I'd like to thank Gail for beta reading the third book & epilogue. I'm sure it ended up being a much larger project than she had probably expected, but she was always very thorough and helpful, and I think it's better for it. My friend Phil also did more than his share in editing and keeping all the medical/British stuff correct.

Of course, both the compelling writing of Joss Whedon and ASH's stellar performance as Giles combine to inspire fanfic writers everywhere. Even long after the show has left the air, we still want more! And that is thanks to the writers and cast.

Last, I printed up copies of all three books of Death Brings Clarity plus epilogue, bound as one volume with Dusty's beautifully designed cover. I have no copies left, so for those of you who managed to get your hands on a copy before I ran out, make sure you don't lose it. Who knows, might be a collector's item someday. Since I had them done at a print on demand publisher, it's possible that if there were enough interest, I could have a second print run. So if you really want a copy, me and I'll start a waiting list.

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